Major news…

…on Saturday we posted off the form applying for a school place for Jack for September.  Those who know us in real life know that this has been bubbling along for a while.  He wanted to go, then he didn’t, (repeat over and over) then he wanted to go but not until next Sept (to Secondary).

Anyway he came back from having tea at a friend’s a week ago desperately keen to go, and with time not on our side it was now or never, so off went the form.

Those of you who know me, know I was really upset when it first came up back in January but I’ve long since adjusted to the idea and can see definite advantages, particularly for Sam who has had to play second fiddle for so long.  I’m looking forward to socialising and joining in home ed group activities again (they were a pain to do with Jack in tow) and throwing away timetables and structure (which Jack needs) and being able to embrace a more go with the flow approach.  Academically wise Jack is bright and will do okay wherever and he has a nice group of friends who all go to the local school.

Slightly miffed that he waited until the day nearly £100 of course books arrived (that he had helped choose) and after I’d sat up until gone midnight three days on the trot developing a wonderful interactive spreadsheet/calendar for keeping track of his work (not that he was supposed to know of course but I was immensely proud of it 🙁 ). And most frustratingly that the decision came as a result not of one of the many considered debates we have had on the subject but from outside prodding.  Won’t dwell on that though as no point getting cross, it can’t be undone.

But if he is going, and I think he’ll never settle until he at least tries it, then now is definitely the best time.  I think he’ll love it and I might get to see a school nativity play :-). Hope the paper work goes through quick though as I really don’t fancy having to do all the uniform shopping and prep in the last week of the holidays.

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