When we put our request in for Olympic tickets we decided to pick the venues rather than events- we were never going to get or afford front row tickets at the stadium to see Jess Ennis so we went for Wembley and Wimbledon.  Failed to get Wimbledon but did get Wembley.

Women’s semi’s actually. France v Egypt

Stadium was wonderful.  Brilliant seats. Lovely atmosphere (Sam was fascinated by the Mexican waves).  Football was appalling in the first half, exciting in the second.  Other people’s kids were a pain as ever.  I nearly got stabbed in the eye by the Egyptian flag, enthusiastically waved by the very large, loud map next to me.  Fabulous day.

Stayed the night in the worst hotel EVER.  Travelodge out on the North Circular.  Called itself Wembley but was a good hours walk from stadium.  Spent a bit of time pottering around Wembley yesterday morning – it was dismal!  I love London but not there.

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