Portsmouth Dockyard Trail

Jack still had his workshop on Thurs so after dropping him off Sam and I headed over to the Dockyard to catch up with Claire, Oscar and Herbie.

We started off with a quick tour of the Mary Rose Museum and some dressing up.

King Oscar and Sir Sam his loyal knight

Mini Archers



Then it was on to Action Stations where they know their way around like the back of their hand and trying to keep up was futile.

Lunch and then HMS Warrior.  By this point Claire and Herbie were settled in the cafe and I was left trailing in the boys wake as they carried on with the treasure hunt/trail they were following.


They wanted to do some colouring (turned out to be colouring flags that I had drawn for Activity Village 🙂 ) and treated all on board to a rendition of the national anthem.

Another lovely day.




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