Subs and Circus Skills

Jack is on a 3 day magic and circus skills workshop in Gosport and is loving it.  While he was there on Tuesday Sam and I went to the Submarine Museum.

The walk to the museum takes us through one of the many local marinas (and very pretty it is too).

Haslar Creek, and time for me to display my ability to recall pointless facts.  One theory behind the origins of the phrase  ‘up the creek without a paddle’ comes from when sailors were brought up Haslar Creek by boat to the Naval Hospital in Nelson’s time often to die.  The location of the site made it into a sort of prison so even those who recovered could not escape and desert.

We opted not to tour the Submarine at the museum as it was busy and ticket are valid for a year so we’ll go back.  Instead we stuck to the science galleries


They have a Horrible Science exhibition on at the moment which we were looking forward to but was actually dull.  We love the Horrible History stuff and the Geography but the science doesn’t work anywhere near as well somehow, it should the subject matter is there but…  The exhibition didn’t seem to contain any actual ‘science’ just cartoons.  Good for some kids I suppose but Sam much preferred the permanent – not child focused – gallery.

It was Make and Take day so we stopped to make …

Jolly Roger – also the flag of submarines. If you click on the picture it will take you to a site with info on what the symbols.
Horrible Science inspired bag








When we got home we spent ages playing with bubbles (I was blowing so no photos) and Jack did some juggling practice.


Ha Ha Ha






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