And no school

On the day one boy started school, one boy didn’t and we had our home education group ‘Not Back to School Picnic’.

These started up about 4or 5 years ago in the dark days of the Badman Report and have taken off to become part of a lot of local groups annual calendar.  There is no longer any national co-ordination as the need for large scale publicity statements seems to have passed us by (ignoring developments in Wales which I will try and find time to come back to in another post).  Rather each group does it’s own thing, some do wonderfully organised, publicised events, others simply get together for a gossip and a play.  I think they are a lovely idea whether they are coordinated or not. All over the country this week and over the next couple of weeks, home educators will be getting out there and celebrating.

Home educating is not always easy, you need a thick skin as an adult (and a child) as you will be ‘different’ and there will be bad days and the outside world will offer little support or sympathy.  The home education community is not a cohesive community, pretty much every one has entirely unique reasons for and approach to home education.  Many people have researched extensively and are very passionate about the choices they make which can give rise to infighting.  At the very least home educators in general are quite forceful personalities, we have all stepped forward and taken responsibility for our own child’s education.  A community of opinionated people will always have tensions bubbling away and occasionally erupting and I know many adults find home education groups difficult socially (I’ll put my hands up there).

This is why I love to see and hear about home educators enjoying getting out together and having fun.  The picnics are about celebrating our similarities,  I don’t know a home educator who doesn’t breathe a sign of relief in September when the playground, parks and museums become ‘ours’ again and have the urge to get out and enjoy it and when it comes to it all pretty much any parent wants, home educating or otherwise, is the best for their kids.  As for the kids, these poorly-socialised, stuck at the dining table, kids what do they do? They play, they enjoy being children 🙂

All over Britain, there are people getting together and saying I’m proud of the choices I’ve made, I’m proud of my children and if I want to sit in the sun and gossip and eat cake I will!

I tried really hard (well I made a vague effort – it was hot and I was chatting) to get a picture, but he was too busy running about. On every other picture it is just the back of his head or/and he is eclipsed by his larger friend 🙂


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