As near perfect as days get

Friday was our last day of ‘flexi-schooling’ before Jack starts full time today and the sun was shining so we were determined to make the most of it.

After school drop off, Sam and I did a bit of Maths and English and some painting

a couple of minutes doing the planned project and about 1/2 hr mixing up paint colours and making a glorious mess.

Paint mixing

After a futile attempt to restore order we went to the meeting with Jack’s headteacher – general gist being he is absolutely fine 🙂

Meeting finished to early to take Jack away with us so we nipped to the library so Sam could finish his Summer Reading Challenge and spent 40 mins reading and chatting.

Collected Jack and took him to finish his reading challenge before going for lunch in one of the cafes in the village.  Everyone had a book with them so we spent a pleasant 1/2 hr lunching and reading.

Cafe has started doing whipped chocolate icecream.  Idea was irresistable if reality was a bit disappointing and VERY runny.

We then spent much of the afternoon playing in the sea.

At home boys settled down to watch episode after episode of Lego Ninjago cartoon via youtube and I had a LONG soak in the bath with my book.

Jack spent 1/2hr out on his bike, we played games through the iPad, watched the first half of the England match, boys went to bed and Pete and I had a curry.

Life really doesn’t get much better.

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