End of a Chapter

Well all the posters are up.


Maths books are on the shelf and terms worth of English is printed and filed.

Pencil case is decorated


Uniform is bought, labelled and ironed

Bag is packed and ready

There is a lot left undone but having stalled all summer until we knew whether Jack was going I was left with 5 days to uniform shop for Jack and prepare the skeleton of a curriculum for Sam and I don’t think I’ve done too bad.

If I am honest I may have done better if I hadn’t spent so long playing with my new blog.  With Jack moving on it is time for me to do the same (blogwise anyway).  Still very much a work in progress but working on turning it into a bit of a resource as well as a blog.

Anyway it is half 11 and I have to be up for the school run tomorrow so goodnight (and don’t forget to follow us here from now on 🙂 )

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