End of a Chapter

Well all the posters are up.


Maths books are on the shelf and terms worth of Eng­lish is printed and filed.

Pen­cil case is decorated


Uni­form is bought, labelled and ironed

Bag is packed and ready

There is a lot left undone but hav­ing stalled all sum­mer until we knew whether Jack was going I was left with 5 days to uni­form shop for Jack and pre­pare the skele­ton of a cur­ricu­lum for Sam and I don’t think I’ve done too bad.

If I am hon­est I may have done bet­ter if I hadn’t spent so long play­ing with my new blog.  With Jack mov­ing on it is time for me to do the same (blog­wise any­way).  Still very much a work in progress but work­ing on turn­ing it into a bit of a resource as well as a blog.

Any­way it is half 11 and I have to be up for the school run tomor­row so good­night (and don’t for­get to fol­low us here from now on :-) )

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