Jack has started school!  Very, very odd seeing him in uniform.

Feeling a bit of a freak on the school run as we are fairly well-known locally so there is a bit of downright nosiness curiosity, but it won’t last long and he can walk himself in a week or so!

I don’t know what the school was expecting as they seem to have been pussyfooting around us.  I took Jack in to the office with his registration forms on Tuesday and hung around until someone was ready to show him to the classroom.  I checked he didn’t want me to go through so planned to just wave him off there.  Next thing I know I am being steered into the school by the receptionist, Jack on spotting his teacher runs off with an over the shoulder ‘bye’, I acknowledge his teacher and call bye and turn round to go.  To be faced with a sympathetic smile from the receptionist “I thought it would be nice for you to see him off, are you okay?” “Oh actually it was bit uncomfortable for both of us, we’re not a touchy feely family…erm…yes thank you. Truly I really am, he is 10 not 4, I’ve sent him camping in thunderstorms. I might have home educated him but that doesn’t mean he’s been molly-coddled or actually that I don’t have a life outside my kids. I am going to relish the peace not mourn it, stop looking at me like I am about to burst into tears I really am not!.”  Jack said the head teacher did something similar to him.  Nipped in to see him in class on his first morning to check up on him and looked surprised when he said he was all right.

Actually joking aside I can not fault the school, they are always lovely and chatty and falling over themselves to reassure me how well he is settling, not that I ever doubted that he would but still nice to hear.  Phone calls at home to give me notice of things like football tryouts that he had asked about etc.  The pastoral care is wonderful.

We’ve seemed to time it beautifully, he is confident and sure of himself and keen to make the most of the opportunities school can give him (have I mentioned football teams! 🙂 ).  He’s also seeing some of the negative sides of school (the boredom of assemblies has been mentioned 🙂 ) but is mature enough to realise nothing is perfect.  He has thrived at home but just like school home is not perfect (I am not going to adopt or give birth to another 5 kids so we can have our own football team!).  Home has been right up until now but seeing him so happy and excited every morning I have no doubt school is right for now

Both of us will be very glad when he goes full time!  Lunch time finishes are a bit of a bind!

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