Catching up on old draft posts here.  Back in September (yes I know!) when Jack was still doing half days we did a bit of a project on bubbles.


We looked at bubble shapes (in other words can you make a non-round bubble?) by twisting garden wire into different shapes.

We also looked at different size bubbles.  We made a bubble blower by cutting the bottom off a water bottle and then covering the end with a piece of dishcloth (the white woven ones) and securing with an elastic band.  Dip the cloth end in bubble mix and blow through the mouth of the bottle.  The loose weave of the fabric means lots of small bubbles are produced making ‘bubble snakes’.

We also used a science kit we had collected from somewhere to make a person size bubble.

It was messy and awkward in my small kitchen (needed to have absolutely no wind) but good fun.

We tested different bubble mixes (different amounts of washing up liquid, sugar, glycerine and different water temperatures) discussing how to keep a ‘fair test’.

We looked at why bubbles rise using the raisin in lemonade trick

And of course bubbles being formed through mentos/coke.

We also made homemade lemonade with added raspberries at the blending stage for pink lemonade


We made pictures by blowing into paint mixed with washing up liquid and dropping paper on top (but I appear to have lost them).

We also made prints using bubble wrap by taping a piece of bubble wrap to the table, painting a picture on top and then pressing a piece of paper on top to make a print.

Finally we looked at creating interesting photos by taping bubble wrap around the camera lens.


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