Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Sam’s 7th birthday.  Hard to believe, trite to say it but it seems so quick, he is still so much my baby.

He’s spent it very quietly no big day out, no party.  We sat down and when he thought about a party he decided that actually he prefers one friend at a time and he’d rather have Oscar over and have time to play with him properly. As long as he had cake and time to play with his presents he was happy.  So that is what we did.

On one hand I feel guilty that so little was made of his birthday and that he doesn’t have a big enough friendship group to have a party.  But on reflection it was what he wanted and he appears to be pleased and happy.

It was also definitely better than Jack’s 7th birthday, which was two days after my Mother in Law’s funeral and we’d stayed in Wales so not to abandon my Father in Law – we walked up a mountain in the rain and then went to Tesco’s for him to chose a picnic lunch which he ate on the living room floor watching TV all afternoon.

Sam is much more like me and Pete than Jack is.  Groups don’t upset us and we’re friendly with many but few people cross over the boundaries to become real friends, but those that do are special.

Anyway here are some photos of the birthday boy.  Thank you to all friends and family who sent cards and presents we do appreciate it.  And yes he does like Moshi Monsters.

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