Losing our way

Blogging has gone by the wayside lately for oh so many reasons.  Some as practical as having to move the site to a new server and having teething problems which meant about 2 weeks of no access, having a massive work project which left me little time for much else or at least little that I wanted to spend on computer, a couple of energy sapping bugs and a self imposed massive sewing task.


But if I am honest a lot of it has been about a crisis of confidence.  I began the term determined to throw myself into my role as educator to Sam even if Jack was in school.  But very quickly bugs hit and momentum and my energy vanished until getting up in the morning was an issue, taking Sam to home ed groups (big plus point of Jack being in school) didn’t work out well when I discovered there was nothing out there for us really, he didn’t really enjoy what we did manage to try and didn’t want to go again and some he just refused to try so I’ve felt a bit cut adrift and isolated.  I didn’t feel quite frankly I had anything to blog.


In the mean time Jack has been thriving at school and loving it making me question whether keeping them home has been selfish and if I should send Sam (he would go if I said so…).


All in all a churning mass of emotions, I’ve not had time or inclination to delve into too deeply.


So where am I now?  Dusted down, feeling relatively healthy and far more positive.  Home ed is not perfect and neither is school, but both boys are satisfied with their lot and are probably in the best place for themselves at the moment.


While we are not striding along, more faltering in an irregular, meandering way  over twists and turns and stones in the road, we are back on the path at least.


P.s. In the blog silence we may have done a lot more than I thought – have a big folder of photos and at least 10 saved draft posts to sort out…



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