Back to School and Not Back to School

Three days into Sec­ondary school and apart from some very large bruises (bike crashes!) all seems well.  Uni­form is ginormous :)!

20130904_82At home we are start­ing to drift towards a more struc­tured approach but the weather is so no nice at the moment and with builders in next week it is all very relaxed at the moment.  Only real struc­ture so far is rule of no Minecraft/leisure com­puter games or watch­ing of youtube while Jack is at school.

First day of term saw some iden­ti­fy­ing of minerals

20130905 014

Fol­lowed by an excur­sion to gather black­ber­ries, with a lot of time spent look­ing for and talk­ing about seeds and meth­ods of dispersal.

20130905 023 20130905 024

And sadly about the effect of fires — the smell was still in the air.

20130905 022

Back home and we curled up in bed and read Esio Trot.  Had the real­i­sa­tion that Sam hadn’t read any Roald Dahl except Fan­tas­tic Mr Fox as found them too scary and we have a work­shop next Fri (still get con­fused between the boys and book stuff J would like despite him not being at home).  Any­way we are on a bit of a crash course to read as many as we can before Friday.

After that is was a case of turn­ing the black­ber­ries into ice lol­lies, cakes and crum­ble using recipes from Nature Detec­tives .  Sam for the first time was able to fol­low a recipe by him­self and the fairy cakes are his work alone.

Autumn Harvest 1


Thurs­day was to the church to sign con­tract and get the keys for Guides, with lots of time spent pok­ing in dark places check­ing for stop­cocks and gas switches etc — ‘be prepared’ 😉

Then it was the home ed group Not Back to School pic­nic.  Only about 10 fam­i­lies but made it so every­one could chat which was nice.  Too busy chat­ting for photos.

Then swim­ming lessons — bit trau­matic — first and only time I have ever booked the kids on some­thing with­out check­ing and Jack was not happy.  We then had the com­pli­ca­tion that he for­got and signed him­self up for foot­ball at school.  Man­aged to get them to reply to emails at 10pm on a weds nice and kindly put his les­son back by 1/2hr — but meant a huge rush.  Sam is sign­ing up for the term (I am reserv­ing judge­ment on how suc­cess­ful they will be) and Jack will not — the oth­ers in the class were much younger and he is much more com­petant than he showed there, I can see him los­ing not gain­ing con­fi­dence there.  He can swim kind of just has so many bad habits but he has promised to lis­ten to me and work on them if we go reg­u­larly so we will see.

Fri­day started with Edu­ca­tion City — some rave about it, some hate it.  I fall in between.  I wouldn’t like to rely on it as a way of ful­fill­ing edu­ca­tional pro­vi­sion but as a back-up for those times when you just need a break then it is as fine.

Library and more Roald Dahl — on to James and the Giant Peach now.  A few games of chess (I even won one), Sam has been read­ing Chess for Kids and is def­i­nitely improving.

Then some paint­ing to hang in his new room — the boys are going to switch rooms when the con­ser­va­tory is built so Jack has the big­ger one for home­work etc as the con­ser­va­tory will be ‘Sam’s’ space to a large extent.


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