Back to School and Not Back to School

Three days into Secondary school and apart from some very large bruises (bike crashes!) all seems well.  Uniform is ginormous :)!

20130904_82At home we are starting to drift towards a more structured approach but the weather is so no nice at the moment and with builders in next week it is all very relaxed at the moment.  Only real structure so far is rule of no Minecraft/leisure computer games or watching of youtube while Jack is at school.

First day of term saw some identifying of minerals

20130905 014

Followed by an excursion to gather blackberries, with a lot of time spent looking for and talking about seeds and methods of dispersal.

20130905 023 20130905 024

And sadly about the effect of fires – the smell was still in the air.

20130905 022

Back home and we curled up in bed and read Esio Trot.  Had the realisation that Sam hadn’t read any Roald Dahl except Fantastic Mr Fox as found them too scary and we have a workshop next Fri (still get confused between the boys and book stuff J would like despite him not being at home).  Anyway we are on a bit of a crash course to read as many as we can before Friday.

After that is was a case of turning the blackberries into ice lollies, cakes and crumble using recipes from Nature Detectives .  Sam for the first time was able to follow a recipe by himself and the fairy cakes are his work alone.

Autumn Harvest 1


Thursday was to the church to sign contract and get the keys for Guides, with lots of time spent poking in dark places checking for stopcocks and gas switches etc – ‘be prepared’ 😉

Then it was the home ed group Not Back to School picnic.  Only about 10 families but made it so everyone could chat which was nice.  Too busy chatting for photos.

Then swimming lessons – bit traumatic – first and only time I have ever booked the kids on something without checking and Jack was not happy.  We then had the complication that he forgot and signed himself up for football at school.  Managed to get them to reply to emails at 10pm on a weds nice and kindly put his lesson back by 1/2hr – but meant a huge rush.  Sam is signing up for the term (I am reserving judgement on how successful they will be) and Jack will not – the others in the class were much younger and he is much more competant than he showed there, I can see him losing not gaining confidence there.  He can swim kind of just has so many bad habits but he has promised to listen to me and work on them if we go regularly so we will see.

Friday started with Education City – some rave about it, some hate it.  I fall in between.  I wouldn’t like to rely on it as a way of fulfilling educational provision but as a back-up for those times when you just need a break then it is as fine.

Library and more Roald Dahl – on to James and the Giant Peach now.  A few games of chess (I even won one), Sam has been reading Chess for Kids and is definitely improving.

Then some painting to hang in his new room – the boys are going to switch rooms when the conservatory is built so Jack has the bigger one for homework etc as the conservatory will be ‘Sam’s’ space to a large extent.


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