Cave Man Art

Last Thursday it was obvious very early on that ‘book work’ wasn’t going to go well.  Not sure why but as adults we all have those days where the brain isn’t gelling or we are just not in the mood so we can’t really be surprised that kids get the same.  So to save the day we diverted to hands on activities.  I tend to find if I plan that we will do a practical activity he doesn’t want to and doesn’t then engage the brain and get anything from it, things work far better if I am forced to come up with things on the fly.

Anyway back to Thursday and we’re reading Story of the World.  One chapter in and we have already decided to adapt – I can never just follow a resource ;).  Like so many resources I love the idea, in this case history being covered chronologically through a narrative but find the actual content quite weak and (my big bugbear) condescending.  So with Story of the World we will use it as a framework but read around the subjects particularly drawing on the Usborne Encylopedia of World History.  However we find that the book starts with the birth of farming so we are digging pack a bit further ourselves into human evolution.

We started off by reading the relevant pages on cave art in the Usborne encyclopedia and looking at examples online, then we took advantage of having a concrete shed.

Sam mixed up paint.  Rather than ground up rock and blood we settled for poster paint and water.

SAM_0258Then we painted the outline of animals on the wall with fingers.

SAM_0259And filled in the outlines by dipping cloth (animal skin – we used quilt wadding as natural fibres and absorbant and I had some spare) in the paint and rubbing it on the wall.

SAM_0262Sam’s whale

SAM_0261And bunny


And my chick

SAM_0263This was followed by lots of mixing of paint and throwing the pieces of paint covered fabric at the wall.  My poor chick was obliterated.


Downpour sent us indoors (but failed to clean path and shed) where we turned attention to clay and Sam made a glorious mess (I’d introduced him to the concept of slip) …


…and a rather good ‘Mother Earth style’ goddess statue (a kneeling pregnant lady with large breasts and no arms if it isn’t clear).


And then he baked a cake pretty much independently and went swimming.


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