Friday Fun

Friday is our ‘trip day’.  I like to have one day a week where we leave everything behind and go out.  I try and avoid signing up to home ed trips on other days unless they are something really special or very low key as know from previous experience it is very easy for us to ‘burn out’ – we’re home birds!

Most weeks we have a home ed trip or we can usually bank on Claire and Oscar to keep us company and indeed we had plans this week but got stood up for a washing machine repair man – humpf ;).

Anyway with a day to ourselves Sam decided that he wanted to collect some of his money and go to Cadbury’s at Gunwharf.  So we did!

20130925It was a beautiful day on the harbour.  I do so love living by the sea.

We had a vague idea of going to the Mary Rose but couldn’t be bothered to queue!  And as there were a few school groups in we decided not to stop at the Dockyard following our obligatory pose on a plinth photo.


So to Gunwharf where we discovered Paperchase closing and selling everything cheap so I was happy.  Sam bought his chocolate and a stress ball (Mr Happy).


Back to Gosport and a picnic in Ferry Gardens watching the boats go by.

At home we decided the afternoon was too nice to waste in and went to the park – a sunny autumn day and we had it to ourselves until one family showed up after the school run (shakes head).

SAM_0276 SAM_0288 SAM_0287 SAM_0279

In the evening as the Scouts were over the Alver Valley we decided to rejoin the Community Centre… hmm… what is it with pubs and loud music?  If I go out for a drink I like to be able to talk to who I am with.  Probably a bit unfortunate that our first night there for 5 years turned out to be ‘Mexican night’! Fled when the band showed up!

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