I should be posting about Swanwick but my camera has gone on a little holiday to London in Pete’s overnight bag so will have to wait as that one needs photos.

But if I have too long a blogging gap it is harder to pick it back up again so I’ll come to an issue that has been on my mind a lot lately.

Handwriting!  Based on the amount of posts that bounce around the forums it is a big issue.  I know that Jack’s handwriting just clicked in to place when he started school as he saw how bad it was in relation to his classmates and had the motivation and need to improve it and now he has nice handwriting.  But school isn’t on Sam’s agenda so it is down to me.

3 years ago when we were just starting off his writing was reasonably okay and has gone down hill over last year or so, lazyness and the pen unable to keep up with ideas I think.  He is only just coming up to 8 so not a major concern yet but want to eliminate bad habits now.

His grip is okay and don’t think there are any particular ‘issues’ besides the fact he is a 7 yo boy.

My plan for the year is to eliminate any unnecessary writing – solid practice of handwriting as a skill every day but cover everything else verbally and practically.  15 mins a day no more (have a timer) with a page or 2 of handwriting scheme followed by colouring/drawing – using AV’s Learn to Draw stuff.

Back to basics with letter formation – Getty Dubay.  Honestly not sure if I am doing the right thing here.  Wonder if pushing him on to cursive and joined up might be better, slow him down, encourage him to think about his letters and would probably help massively with the whole spacing issue.  Just don’t know…

His friend has autism and sees an OT for support with issues like this and I pick and choose elements of the advice they have been given as I see relevant to us.  I have just invested in a tripp trapp chair (referred to in our house as the ‘awesome chair’ – Jack wants one!) as I think correct height and posture will be a real benefit.  Have used Stabio hand writing pens before but always end up drifting away, intend to push this time and have got pencil grips (only cheap as not sure how useful they will be).

8 years of home educating have shown no easy answers…

The 'awesome chair'
The ‘awesome chair’

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