Helos and welcome :)

Monday was our first structured group at Lee Community Centre (yes very handy for me 😉 ).  Group gained the name HELOS (Home Educators Lee on Solent) purely as we needed a title for it so we could set up a Facebook group to store files and plan and didn’t want anything complicated.

Locally we have a thriving and very effective large group meeting for KS3+ with lessons up to GCSE, there are also large social meets but for those with younger children who want/need a more structured envirnment there was a bit of a vacuum and this was an attempt to plug it.  And it was needed as I had to turn people away as the space just isn’t there, we’re too many in there really as is.

The group is split into 2 sessions and 2 age groups – under 7’s and 7+.  Each group does one ‘creative’ session and one science based on the BA Crest Star Awards.

The under 7’s are working on a ‘colours theme’.  We did some sorting of coloured matchsticks and then they spelt out their names with the sticks. They then did some sorting of craft bits and made collages to go up in the library.

Meanwhile the older (Sam’s) group investigated clockwork and made some rollers from elastic bands and cotton reels.

Swapped and younger group did science – not entirely sure what something to do with rolling cans.

And I worked with the older group. We are looking at making videos next session to enter into the National Film Festival. We started off brainstorming what made the laugh – mainly violence and things getting hurt! Then we discussed ways we could make a video in the session next time. Finally we looked at storyboarding and they broke into groups to plan and come up with storyboards for their videos.

It was loud and a bit manic at times but with tweaks and work have the makings of a nice group.


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