He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands (Geography and Charlotte Mason)

He’s got the whole world in his hands
He’s got the whole world in his hands…

It is going round and round and round in my head!

Geog­ra­phy is one of those sub­ject areas where home ed resources are thin on the ground and what is avail­able is very Amer­i­can.  Of course it is easy to cob­ble together projects on coun­tries and land­forms but I have been look­ing for a more cohe­sive, flow­ing approach.

I came across this — based on the orig­i­nal work of Char­lotte Mason

20130926_46Well it def­i­nitely won’t be to everyone’s taste!  Not sur­pris­ing for a resource writ­ten by Char­lotte Mason it has a Chris­t­ian bias.  I am not Chris­t­ian but am very open minded about reli­gion, sup­pose my reli­gious views are best described as agnostic.

Any­way the book is a mix of poems/readings designed to spark dis­cus­sion and non-fiction texts with ques­tions to fol­low up.  Def­i­nitely not a full ‘cur­ricu­lum’ more of a dis­cus­sion starter to be fol­lowed up by read­ing around, watch­ing videos etc.  With a groan­ing book­shelves all over the house this approach works really well for us.

Hav­ing skim read through it the only stick­ing point from the reli­gious aspect looked to be the first lesson

How All Things Praise the Lord
by Lord Mont­gomery­Sun, moon and stars, by day and night,
At God’s com­mand­ment give us light;
As when we wake, and while we sleep,
Their watch, like guardian angels, keep.The bright blue sky above our head,
The soft green earth on which we tread,
The ocean rolling round the land,
We were made by God’s almighty hand.

Sweet flow­ers that hill and dale adorn,
Fair fruit trees, fields of grass and corn,
The clouds that rise, the show­ers that fall,
The winds that blow — God sent them all.

The beasts that graze with down­ward eye,
The birds that perch, and sing and fly,
The fishes swim­ming in the sea,
God’s crea­tures are as well as we.

But as He formed for bet­ter things,
As ser­vants of the King of kings,
With lifted hands and open face,
And thank­ful heart to seek His grace.


Con­sid­ered skip­ping it, while I am open-minded, I do (and if you ask Sam he does to) firmly believe in the ‘big bang’ and evo­lu­tion.  But decided that was def­i­nitely over think­ing it and a form of cen­sor­ship, where there is obvi­ous bias my approach is to read and then dis­cuss why it might be told a cer­tain way and what we believe (not always the same thing — I am keen the boys make up their own minds in mat­ters of reli­gion).  We dis­cussed how Sam believed the Earth was formed and then read three vari­a­tions on the Chris­t­ian story of creation.


We then read the Bare­foot Book “Whole World” which takes the Chris­t­ian hymn “He’s got the whole world in his hands” and by alter­nat­ing between between he and she turns it into a mes­sage about ecol­ogy and how every­one on the planet holds the world in their hands and has a duty to pro­tect it.


We fin­ished off with a piece of art­work.  We cut a cir­cle from 12by12 scrap­book card and dec­o­rated it with pic­tures of animals/landforms etc cut from mag­a­zines, then added brightly coloured cut out handprints.


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