Last Days of Summer

The last days of the school holiday were spent relaxing, enjoying spending time as a family (lots of time playing football and cricket down the park) and sharing some lovely days out with friends.

First up was a home ed trip to the Weald and Downland Museum for one of their activity Weds.   We have been quite a few times and have to say every time we enjoy it a little less.  Maybe it is because we have done all the activities before on quite a few occasions and there is an element of the meh about it all – although I do think the number on offer has declined since the first one we did.  But that said the museum is lovely, open and green and a nice place to run around.  After entering the museum we actually saw very few other home eders (despite about 60 of us going in), bumped into a few ‘old’ faces to catch up with and we went round with the boys friends so they were happy.  Day was rather spoilt by the number and persistancy of the wasps which drove us away in the end.

Day after was a very early start and a day out with a good friend of mine and 3 out of 4 of her children.  She has been my ‘sister guider’ for over 4 years and for most of that time the kids have had to spend a couple of hours at least every week in each others company – the elder 5 have all done Gang Show together too (Sam is the baby by 3 1/2 years but none of them seem to notice).  The result of that is a very ‘sibling’ relationship – teasing, quarrels but in general acceptance and comfortable camaraderie.   With our Guiding/Scout connections it was off to Brownsea Island, the birthplace of Scouting.

Brownsea is a lovely place and incredibly peaceful, you tumble off the ferry with a whole load of people but get past the ticket office and toilets and they all seem to vanish.  And the shade always makes it cooler so on a hot day it is bliss.  Outside of Wales it just might be my favourite place.

Day of tree climbing, den building, balancing on logs, hiding in bushes and generally doing the sort of stuff you feel that children should do despite the fact that apart from Sam they are all in that tricky 11-14 age band and refering to them as children feels wrong.  But I always feel there is a sense of magic on Brownsea that strips away the worries and concerns that come with age and I’m not averse to a little climbing myself 😉


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