Sketch Tuesday – something that lives in the forest

I aim to try and follow some of the Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 course this year (like the idea of using it as an overview hence the earlier grade).  There will be a LOT of tweaking of the art side in the later half of the course as not particularly impressed with it but will try and use it as a template. Will definitely aim to follow the music as this is an area my skills and knowledge are not as good as I would like and I need a bit of hand holding.

Alongside this I hope to make ‘Sketch Tuesday’ from the Harmony blog a regular activity.

This week was the theme of ‘something that lives in the forest’.

As Sam had a new sketching set from The Works we looked at the different pencils and discussed the different hardness of nips and how you might use them for shading.

Here is Sam’s tree

Sam age 7

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