Solva 2013


It has to be said that apart from periods of family bereavement or illness the period from January to July this year may have been the most stressful period of my life. Pete changed jobs in Jan and had some major projects on. The least that is said about the complete imbeciles that did the redesign of Activity Village the better for my blood pressure but by July I was working more hours a day than I normally do in a week to help the lovely Lindsay fix their mess – 5.30 am start and 11pm finish was not unusual. Home ed was a case of going through the motions with off the shelf workbooks as it had become obvious that my plans for the year were not working and neither Sam and I were enjoying it.  Jack was being a preteen with strops, additude and general unpleasantness.  Rainbows was proving very hard work, I had to spend a lot of time on the thankless task of trying to recruit adults and one parent upset me so much I stewed on it pretty much non-stop for a week and nearly walked away from Guiding completely.  The general gist of all that is we really, really needed a relaxing holiday.  And we got one!

We were staying in a little village in Pembrokeshire in a cottage owned by family.  The house was where my Mother in Law grew up and Pete spent his childhood holidays, there are family friends in the village, a real home from home.

Village is tiny and no touristy stuff really so days were spent walking up and down lots of steep hills, on the beach, body boarding, pub meals, hanging round the cottage sewing, reading and playing games, playing badminton in the garden or football in the park and pretending we were characters from Swallows and Amazons or the Famous Five.  We even had a mystery of a horse shaped rock on a hill opposite that seemed to move to different places along the cliff but never moved when you looked at it, that kept us entertained for a couple of days (turned out to be a horse with a death wish and ability to stand very still!)

A perfect holiday that fixed everyones mood and springboarded us in to a lovely summer.

BTW If you are interested in seeing exactly how uneventful this village is look at the photo about 24 in – a notice outside the village hall.  I loved it!

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