Blue Reef

Last Friday was home ed trip to Blue Reef Aquarium in Southsea.  Started with a lovely, sunny but cold walk along Southsea seafront and ended with a play in the arcades and a warmer but much wetter walk back.

Aquarium is small and definitely not worth full price entry, but schools price with a workshop and friends to play with makes it a reasonable trip.

Wasn’t the least stressful trip I have ever organised.  Bookings were slow and doing it through the website meant I didn’t really feel in control (on plus side spent a fair few emails catching up with Ursula who organises the website booking, as we very seldom cross paths),  Blue Reef are difficult to deal with (don’t reply to emails or answer phone. The workshop was embarrassingly loud, to some extent it was the nature of the workshop with animals being taken around so lots of sitting and waiting and we’d taken in some of under 3’s (an open fire door was a pain – just too much temptation for toddlers), but still felt sorry for the poor girl running it who had to virtually shout by the end, my head was throbbing by the time we got out.

Did enjoy the fish and the chat with friends but will be a while before I book Blue Reef again.

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