Blue Reef

Last Fri­day was home ed trip to Blue Reef Aquar­ium in South­sea.  Started with a lovely, sunny but cold walk along South­sea seafront and ended with a play in the arcades and a warmer but much wet­ter walk back.

Aquar­ium is small and def­i­nitely not worth full price entry, but schools price with a work­shop and friends to play with makes it a rea­son­able trip.

Wasn’t the least stress­ful trip I have ever organ­ised.  Book­ings were slow and doing it through the web­site meant I didn’t really feel in con­trol (on plus side spent a fair few emails catch­ing up with Ursula who organ­ises the web­site book­ing, as we very sel­dom cross paths),  Blue Reef are dif­fi­cult to deal with (don’t reply to emails or answer phone. The work­shop was embar­rass­ingly loud, to some extent it was the nature of the work­shop with ani­mals being taken around so lots of sit­ting and wait­ing and we’d taken in some of under 3’s (an open fire door was a pain — just too much temp­ta­tion for tod­dlers), but still felt sorry for the poor girl run­ning it who had to vir­tu­ally shout by the end, my head was throb­bing by the time we got out.

Did enjoy the fish and the chat with friends but will be a while before I book Blue Reef again.

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