Helos and Goodbye

Last Monday was our second group meet at Lee Community Centre.   Went nicely although we have all agreed that no one likes the venue so we are relocating to Fareham (will have to stop being Helos really).

Sam’s science group worked in groups on investigating raft designs and making them from paper. I think a lot of fun was had sinking them.

While he was doing that I was working with the under 7’s group.  We continued with the colour theme – moving on to the colour spectrum.  They are a lovely little group the youngest is only 3, others are on the autistic spectrum so perhaps not particularly arty crafty but every single one has really engaged with what we’ve done and we’ve got some lovely pieces of work.

We started off making powder paint rainbows.  Using thick paper (watercolour paper) they sprayed it with water then sprinkled (some scooped!) on powder paint in red, yellow, green and blue stripes.  Sprayed a second sheet of paper and pressed it over the top, peeled it away, gave each another spray over so the paint ran (a couple managed a third print as there was sooo much powder).


We then made Waldorf window stars from kite paper.  I thought this would be mostly adult done but most of the kids had a very good go themselves and certainly waited patiently until they could stick the points together.


Then we swapped.  Under 7’s did some bug hunting in the garden and I worked with the 7+ group on the videos they had planned the previous session.  For most of the kids it was their first attempt at stopframe animation and the idea of taking several hundred photos for a 30sec video was a bit too much and it was very much a group project which is not how most of them are used to working, so not easy task.  I’m really pleased and proud of them that we’ve got two finished products.



In the afternoon we trialled the Fareham hall with a coffee afternoon.  We set up loads of crafts and some toys (there were some spinners that were a massive hit) and had a lovely afternoon, lots of new faces along.

Really like the hall – have my eye on the spare Monday between science/geog for a ‘fun theme’ session at some point.

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