Life…and not much else

Last week was one where life stepped in and took over.  Our gentle picking up of pace ‘school wise’ ground to a halt.  These pictures may give a hint of why…


We still need to get some plastering done, put down a floor and move in!  Much of the furniture for it is coming from Jack’s room so we have sorted out the boys rooms (well started!), swapped them around so J has bigger room and ordered them some new furniture.

‘School’ has been limited to a bit of Education City and MangaHigh and discussions. Oh I am not in any doubt that he has learnt stuff but have to say sadly won’t be much; concentration, behaviour and willingness to engage have all slipped and I am keen to get things sorted as we need to get a bit of routine back for everyone’s sanity.  I still believe in the idea of autonomous education in principle and there are times when it works well for us.  But it is very labour/mentally intensive from an adult perspective – to get the most out of it I think you need to be constantly alert to your child’s needs and wants, be there when needed, step back when not, suggest occasionally, be able to help with whatever project they want at the drop of a hat.  Tidying drawer after drawer, cleaning cupboards, entertaining themselves so I can crack on is not me providing an education – autonomously or otherwise.  But here is the beauty of home ed – a couple of weeks ‘off’ don’t matter – life gets in the way sometimes but he isn’t ‘missing’ stuff at school we’ll get there in our own time.  But as I said routine =’s sanity in this house so sooner we are sorted the better now.



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