SeaCity Museum 2

Although I do enjoy doing trips as a group sometimes it is nice not have the hassle. About 10 days ago (still in catch up mode here) we went to SeaCity in Southampton with one other family and enjoyed it a lot more than last time (I have been copying posts over from old blog and found post of last time we went).  A lot of that would be that we went in on a groupon offer so much better value for money.

Exhibition was closed so it was just the museum which also helped as we had had enough by the end of the exhibition last time as that was a bit dire.  Definitely enjoyed the museum more than last time but probably won’t go back, just doesn’t grab us.  Very hands on which you’d think engages the kids, but in reality there is little substance behind it.  They had great fun pulling levers and pressing buttons, but could Sam tell me anything about what the museum was about an hour later – nope!

But a fun morning out non the less.  Sam and Sam really enjoyed raising to see who could blow up the Titanic’s boiler first – no need for icebergs with those boys in charge.

Apologies for slightly disjointed post – got distracted and had a weeks break midpost.

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