Spanish and Stuff

We are just coming out of what I think of a bit as the wilderness years. The final year or so of Jack being home when his dog phobia was at it’s height making it difficult to go places and the fact that he’d decided that apart from the odd exception he wasn’t keen on home educated children (boys his age anyway of which we didn’t encounter many, and there was only so long a 10yo boy can play with 7yo girls) and refused to go to groups and the first year he was in school when I felt a bit lost, constrained a bit by school events and when I started to look about for stuff that Sam and I wanted to go to and found a big fat zilch.

Anyway we are definitely coming out of that phase.  Taken some effort but building up nice groups around us.

We have a weekly Spanish class now, before it started the only person coming that I knew was one with a 6yo girl, but it just seems to be gelling well.  Well all the mums get on – the kids are busy with the tutor.  I back myself to be able to cover most things (or assist in research) educationally wise but languages and music are plaes I will buy in support.  Ali who teaches them used to help me at Rainbows and not only is she brilliant with the kids she is also happy to be very flexible (and it works both ways) so everyone happy there.

Tuesdays we have started meeting friends round about the local area for walk and a play.  All very relaxed – I’ll be here if anyone wants to come thing, usually after we have finished ‘work’ for the day.  Few conker collecting trips and a very nice sunshine walk on the beach.

All good 🙂


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