Blogging Absence – Life happens

Things have been a bit slow on the blogging front lately (and work and responding to emails and few other things …sorry!) as life has taken over and I’ve been tired of an evening, then had a bout of insomnia in the middle of the night and been tired in the mornings too.

Some things good, some things bad.

My conservatory has been finished (minus some plastering) triggering a big sort out and move around of things and need to acquire (and put together) new furniture which has effected pretty much every room in the house and is still ongoing.

My Dad visited for a fortnight and we did some flat viewing with the view to him moving down here next year.  Kids already are excited, they both have a fantastic relationship with my Dad, far better than I could ever have hoped for given the distance and infrequency of contact.

We also had a trip up North to catch up with other family and go to the christening of my oldest friend’s children.  Sam was most taken with the sausage rolls at the party afterwards 🙂

We’ve also had number of home ed trips/events to keep us busy.

There have been crafts to finish for gifts.

And not forgetting a special event to celebrate!


On the negative side every time I think I have this parenting lark sorted it would appear not… had more than a few headaches and sleepless nights there but touch wood issues dealt with and things are picking up again.

The more important issues there at least stopped me worrying about more minor things that I had given too much head space and emotional energy. The move to the new hall for home ed group backfired spectacularly. Couldn’t tell you how or why,  I’m definitely not blameless I made some wrong decisions and over reacted when Sam got upset, but still rather baffled by it all. Anyway we ended up with a group with an unpleasant atmosphere and more importantly one Sam refused to go to.  Lessons have been learned.  Can’t say the outcome makes me feel good – we have ended with a smaller group of mainly Sam’s friends.  I have always hated the idea of running a group that wasn’t open to all and feel like I have been forced into taking ‘sides’.  But I know I can’t take on responsibility for the happiness of others and I tend to overthink things. I do this for Sam and what we are working on now is so much more what suits him and he is happy again and that has to be the most important thing to me.

Also on the negative side of things that have taken up my time and energy – Halfords are awful!  Who knew purchasing a bike could be so stressful!

In the meantime structured home ed is down to handwriting and mental maths and Spanish lessons but learning of all sorts continues unabated 🙂

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