Filling in some blanks

Looking through some photos it appears that we have been doing more ‘work’ than I thought, so quick catch up to round the year off.

We’ve continued with looking at prehistoric people.  We’ve been watching ‘The Incredible Human Journey‘ and read ‘Maroo of the Winter Caves‘.  This lead on to looking at homes in prehistoric times.

We made a snow house like the one described in the book from icing and marshmallows instead of snow.

Marshmallow snow house if it isn't obvious!
Marshmallow snow house if it isn’t obvious!

And a cardboard cave.

It is decorated with ave art which isn't clear here.
It is decorated with cave art which isn’t clear here.

We also took a Sam led trip into a look at navigation.  We have a couple of these Thames and Kosmos Little Labs kits.  They are very expensive for what they are and you could do it all better and cheaper but we like them and more importantly sometimes I don’t want/haven’t the motivation to do it myself.  Sam found it in a cupboard when we were sorting out and moving into the conservatory and was motivated enough to spend two days doing the activities so no complaints here.


We started with scales and plan drawing, inc of the rec.

20131235 20131241 20131240

Much to amusement of the neighbours we did a trail around the area – me following chalk arrows at a discrete distance.



School detour - don't think anyone fell for it :D
School detour – don’t think anyone fell for it 😀

We also had fun looking at maps and playing with the compass.

And although there has been no recording on paper we have been reading and talking about the Victorians.  We started with a group session at Fareham Museum,


had a lovely trip to Farnham (on to do list to go back in nice weather and do the town trail)

20131320 20131322 20131325



a day at the Victorian Festival of Christmas  and finished back at Fareham Museum looking at life in the workhouse.

We also had group sessions on Twas the Night Before Christmas and Germany and trips to Funcity and the park.


Oh and some work on seasons.

Hand and finger painting the seasons.
Hand and finger painting the seasons.

And a closer look at Autumn.

Autumn display
Autumn display

There has also been a lot of storytelling; verbally, written and the Kindle and not forgetting comic strips

20131337And if this is a dry spell, think how much we can do when I am motivated 😉

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