…and breathe!

Very, very busy few days.

Friday was a messing about at home day. Maths, Latin, history and geography were all touched on.  Geography was another lesson from our Charlotte Mason book, this time a poem about all the wonderful sights of the world (it is also a lesson in history as we’ve had to touch on the lack of air travel and that there was still a lot of exploring to do – pre climbing of Everest, reaching South Pole and of course Space travel).

We followed up by looking at a picture atlas (Usborne) and then drawing own version.  Influence of Minecraft evident as lots of showing of diamond and gold mines.

20140129_7 20140129_5Strategy games are still the order of the day, rest of Friday passed in chess, 2001, Stratego and Minecraft.


Saturday passed in homework, chores, Scout/Cub chess tournaments, running errands in town for me and messing around on Sporcle.  Boys (Jack in particular) are very good at naming countries.  Before cuddling up and reading Percy Jackson, Jack and I are long term Rick Riordan fans and while Sam listened to the Egyptian series, we’ve never done Percy as a read aloud and he’s loving it.


Sunday was another chores and paperwork day but kept getting distracted and ended the day thoroughly frustrated and fed up.  Getting roped into this by a desperately keen child who lost interest very quickly, didn’t help my mood.

20140140A couple of games of 221B Baker Street did help lift my mood though, heartily recommend it for those with older kids (Sam is too young to play independently).

Monday started a lot slower than I wanted. With a migraine threatening it took me ages to get out of bed so just had time to get everything ready for group and get out the house.  It was the first day of the new bus timetables and it was chaos on the buses and they were packed and uncomfortable.  Really should learn to drive but it scares the life out of me.  Will just have to adapt plans and not go into Fareham very often – Gosport is easier now and now bus goes along Stokes Bay and outside splash park so it isn’t all bad.

Group was Australia Day, was a bit hectic and confused but the kids loved the ‘trials’ and the coins which is what matters.


We had to get some library books for Guides so we went to Fareham library for the first time in ages…


…may have got a touch carried away.

Bit of shopping, home, printed lots of resources for Guides, ordered supplies for Geography, more stuff for Guides, went to Guides and then spent several hours making Maths resources for Sam.  Very tiring day.

Tuesday was maths and english followed by our annual concert.  Every year we go to a classical concert at the Guildhall for school children.  It is fabulous, I can not recommend it enough!  We started as we do every year with lunch and a play at Victoria park, when we were at the park as school arrived, so we fled!


Sam singing the song.  He gets really into it, it’s funny 🙂20140129_29


We had time for coffee and penguins in Waterstones and a bit more shopping.20140129_30

Before a very wet ferry ride home.20140129_31

Tea and Sam was off to Cubs (more codebreaking), while I treated myself to letting older boy watch FIFA videos while I had hot bath, then wine and Call the Midwife 🙂

Busy few days, frustrating at times but generally good.  Ready for a rest now.


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