Back to group

Monday was our first day back at ‘group’.  We have tweaked and reworked things considerably.  Last year it proved to be a cause of considerable stress, determined that won’t be the case this year.  We’re no longer ‘officially’ a home ed group meet more a collection of friends with similar age children getting together, smaller in numbers and tighter in age – over half the kids were born in a 15 month window, nice to have such a cluster of them –  makes things easier to plan for, not trying to please too many/wide a scope. We were thin on the ground due to illness/birthdays but made for a relaxed session. I’d not told Sam that his best friend Oscar was joining us this year so that proved to be ‘a shocker’ but a ‘brilliant one’ :). We looked at the festival of Hindu festival of Makar Sankranti, will put a separate post.

Back home, we upgraded Sam’s subscription for his Chess website so he could practice more.  Strategy games like chess and Stratego are high in favour at the moment.

Then we tested out one of the Guide activities for the evening, popcorn over tealights.

2014014620140148After that I went out leaving them to play chess with Dad.

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