Back to life, back to reality

Only it is not back to reality as was before Christmas really as trying a bit radical shake up in the new year.  New resources across the board, many bought back in June/July but only just getting around to starting and a number of new groups.  Details can be found here but is a work in progress, both the plans and the recording of them.

Yesterday was the first ‘school’ day of the new year and started very early for me as I still had stuff to prepare (was downstairs before 5am).  For Sam it started about 7am with pattern blocks.

20140138Maths was the first subject we worked on.  Discussed how the new course worked and completed our calendar activities.


And the problem of the day and pattern of the day.20140141Realised this morning that we didn’t actually do the lesson – duh. Will take some getting used to the new curriculum.  But lesson was on something that he is confident on anyway so no great shakes.

English followed with handwriting and copywork. Realised he can’t actually hold a pen properly because of the sores on his hand so going very easy with it at the moment.  Spelling made use of letter tiles and grammar was verbal.

20140142Some drawing on the whiteboard followed while I did some housework.

Then we moved onto our ‘festival of the week’.  Separate post cominng on that.  The aim is to look at a ‘special day’ from the calendar every Monday, sometimes with the group, sometimes just us.

Lunch and a trip to the sea to marvel at the waves (don’t normally get them as sheltered by the Isle of Wight) and a short play at the park.  Before coming back here with a friend for coffee.


I am trying to encourage Sam to make plans for the year.  We are using Activity Village’s New Year Doodle Fun to help.  As Jack is home early on a Monday I set him the job of looking through his old books with Sam and helping him pick some he might like to read.


Day was rounded off with Horrible Histories and an attempt at some horse crafts for work before I went off to Guides.

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