Branching Out

It has been a week of new group activities.

Following last week’s false start we began our first group Geography and Creative Writing ‘classes’ on Wednesday.  We have been doing a group Spanish class every Weds with a tutor and this is an expansion of that with the same kids.  Went well, we have five children a pretty eclectic mix but they all worked and played well together.  They cross paths away from here but not much so it was nice to see them all rubbing along nicely.

We are focussing on England in Geography so we began with an introduction to the UK.

Found and coloured it on a world map

20140161And then on a map of Europe

20140162Then we looked at a colouring map of the UK, talked about, identified and coloured some of the places they’d been.

20140163We rounded up Geography by making mini-books about where they live.

20140160Time for lunch and a play before Creative Writing.  Difficult to know how to pitch this one yet as some of the children are only just turning 7.  So we started simple with a fill in the blanks poem about Mum.  Quite like the poem even if it is a bit saccharine.  Was a right faff to anglicise it.  Think I need to get the writers of the family working on one for AV.

20140164  Then after a short break it was time for the tutor to take over for Spanish.

It was a long day and the children did really well over a long period, sure there will be off days but really happy with how it went.

Thursday, we did our work and went over to the new board game in Portsmouth.  Think I may have enjoyed myself more than Sam, I love playing games 😉 I did get in a right muddle playing a 3 player game with two Sam’s though!  Due to the day and the venue (it’s a fairly long way to go) I think we’ll only be occasional attendees.  But we enjoyed ourselves and when we’re free and I can tie it into other things over the harbour, to help offset time and cost, we’ll definitely be back.


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