Goals and Aims 2014

Last year I said no New Years Res­o­lu­tions as I didn’t need the pres­sure.  I still agree with the premise that it is totally the wrong time of year to be too self crit­i­cal so no men­tion of weight loss here (one day!).  But I have felt a bit like we are drift­ing home edu­ca­tion wise for too long now so feel a need for lists and plans! So here are my home ed resolutions.

  1.  Try and find a sus­tain­able bal­ance between time at home to work and time to socialise.  We seem to pitch from one extreme to the other.  Luck­ily I’ve made some lovely friends last year who refused to let me retreat back under my rock when I so deper­ately wanted to so we start off the year in a rel­a­tively com­fort­able position.

So plan is

  • We have a reg­u­lar ‘fun struc­tured’ ses­sion planned with a group of like-minded peo­ple, the focus is com­pletely on get­ting the chil­dren to develop group­work skills (one of the harder things in HE unless you have a large fam­ily) rather than any­thing aca­d­e­mic and aim is more Cubs/Brownies set up than class­room, exactly as asked for by Sam.
  • Work­ing on set­ting up a cou­ple of small struc­tured groups. Sam has been hav­ing group Span­ish lessons (6 kids) and the set up works very well for him.  The aim is to do a cou­ple more cov­er­ing sub­ject mat­ter we would any­way with the idea the group aspect hope­fully keep­ing up both of our motivation.
  • Avoid com­mit­ting to any­thing else reg­u­larly unless it really floats our boats — there is talk of a board game group which is def­i­nitely some­thing we will make time for.
  • Avoid booking/signing up for trips unless it ties in to what we’re study­ing or it is some­thing spe­cial that ben­e­fits from being done as a group. Use the extra time/money for more days out on our own or with small num­bers of friends to places we par­tic­u­larly want to visit and for more relaxed ad hoc playmeets/walks.

2. Actu­ally use the plans/resources I have. I know what I want to be doing with Sam I just need to get my arse into gear and actu­ally get on with it. We need to develop bet­ter habits and routines.

  • Have finally got con­ser­va­tory is set up with  every­thing eas­ily acces­si­ble. Need to keep it this way!
  • In next cou­ple of days need to make sure I have every­thing we need in next month or so ready to go. And need to keep on top of this.
  • Stick to rou­tine but allow flex­i­bil­ity and make sure Sam is fully aware of plans!

3. Keep up with blog, I forget!

4. Make time for work, kind of got lost the later half of the year.  And don’t feel guilty about say­ing no we can’t do some­thing because I am work­ing — it wouldn’t be issue if I was employed/went out to work. The flex­i­bil­ity is lovely but with many things bal­ance is the key.

5. Remem­ber I am not a vol­un­teer in the home ed com­mu­nity, I have no respon­si­bil­ity to any­one but Sam.


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