Goals and Aims 2014

Last year I said no New Years Resolutions as I didn’t need the pressure.  I still agree with the premise that it is totally the wrong time of year to be too self critical so no mention of weight loss here (one day!).  But I have felt a bit like we are drifting home education wise for too long now so feel a need for lists and plans! So here are my home ed resolutions.

  1.  Try and find a sustainable balance between time at home to work and time to socialise.  We seem to pitch from one extreme to the other.  Luckily I’ve made some lovely friends last year who refused to let me retreat back under my rock when I so deperately wanted to so we start off the year in a relatively comfortable position.

So plan is

  • We have a regular ‘fun structured’ session planned with a group of like-minded people, the focus is completely on getting the children to develop groupwork skills (one of the harder things in HE unless you have a large family) rather than anything academic and aim is more Cubs/Brownies set up than classroom, exactly as asked for by Sam.
  • Working on setting up a couple of small structured groups. Sam has been having group Spanish lessons (6 kids) and the set up works very well for him.  The aim is to do a couple more covering subject matter we would anyway with the idea the group aspect hopefully keeping up both of our motivation.
  • Avoid committing to anything else regularly unless it really floats our boats – there is talk of a board game group which is definitely something we will make time for.
  • Avoid booking/signing up for trips unless it ties in to what we’re studying or it is something special that benefits from being done as a group. Use the extra time/money for more days out on our own or with small numbers of friends to places we particularly want to visit and for more relaxed ad hoc playmeets/walks.

2. Actually use the plans/resources I have. I know what I want to be doing with Sam I just need to get my arse into gear and actually get on with it. We need to develop better habits and routines.

  • Have finally got conservatory is set up with  everything easily accessible. Need to keep it this way!
  • In next couple of days need to make sure I have everything we need in next month or so ready to go. And need to keep on top of this.
  • Stick to routine but allow flexibility and make sure Sam is fully aware of plans!

3. Keep up with blog, I forget!

4. Make time for work, kind of got lost the later half of the year.  And don’t feel guilty about saying no we can’t do something because I am working – it wouldn’t be issue if I was employed/went out to work. The flexibility is lovely but with many things balance is the key.

5. Remember I am not a volunteer in the home ed community, I have no responsibility to anyone but Sam.


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