Got it sussed…

…for now at least. 😉

We’re going through a good patch. Actually a very good patch!  If I was just starting out, I’d be wondering what all the fuss was about – it’s easy this home ed lark.  Only I have been doing this 9 years and  know it is just a matter of time before something tiny derails us and I have my head in my hands wailing, we don’t work enough, we don’t socialise enough, we socialise too much, we work too much, I’m too controlling, all he does is play Minecraft, blah blah blah… Really is a precarious balance this home education lark, mainly because we worry far too much.

A friend of mine (yet to have children) commented recently that although she could see home education worked for us she would worry too much about that level of responsibility and would fret she was doing it wrong. I didn’t like to point out that actually that is just parenting, the worry starts the moment the staff nurse at works says ‘bet you ‘re pregnant’ and you think ‘oh deary me!’ or words to that effect.  From that second you worry about doing the best for that child, if you don’t home ed there are plenty of worries anyway, picking the right school, should I raise this with the teacher, how much should I help with homework etc.

Anyway getting distracted and borrowing trouble.  Life is good and enjoying each day as it comes.  We are definitely on one of our most prolonged peaks of our home education journey.  It is not perfect I had things I hoped we’d be fitting in but we’re not but that is because we are doing other stuff rather than being distracted by the bits that don’t matter so happy to go with the flow.  Our very structured new year is probably not looking that structured as I seem to have managed to have enthuse Sam so am happy drifting along letting him lead.

Monday, had Jack at home ‘sick’, he spent most of the morning playing dice football while Sam and I did Maths and English, did some prep for the afternoon craft, went to the library and to pick up some shopping for Guides.  Afternoon was spent watching documentaries (Origins of Us and Walking with Beasts) and learning about Martin Luther King. Plus for me cleaning wax off the walls and debating what we were going to do about Guides as there was a coffin in the church (and learning something new about Catholic funerals – I’m still learning all the time).

Tuesday was a home day.  Maths and English (which are both working well for us in their current forms).  Maths involved the use of pattern blocks so of course had to be followed by half hour of making pictures.

20140123_1Science, where we finally got around to starting BFISU.  We were looking at sorting things into categories. We started off playing Kim’s game with items that could easily fit into categories – I didn’t tell that bit to Sam to see if he could work it out and use it – he did! Discussed libraries and other places were you see obvious ‘sorting’.  What, where and how things are sorted in the house.  Then finished with a new card game, sorting animals into families.

20140157Afternoon passed in more Origins of Us, some sketching of feet for the Sketch Tuesday challenge playing Stratego and listing and discussing the pros and cons of carrying on at Cubs.



Answer to the Cub conundrum was to carry on (prospect of camp on the horizon), which I am very glad about as he does so little else that I don’t organise.  He really enjoyed himself and got to show off solving codes.

Wednesday was a day of group lessons.  Slow off the mark we only got through English in the morning. So Sam practised chess problems while I sorted the bits for group.

Geography I’ll cover in a separate post so I can keep track of it as a project.  Besides Geography there was time for playing, dressing up and more group pattern block pictures.

Space ship

English, moving on from last week where we wrote ‘mum’ poems, this week we looked at poems about themselves.  We brainstormed adjectives to describe people, trying to focus on nice ones!  Then they used them to write an acrostic poem about themselves, one or two adjectives a line or more if your name is only half the length of others (Sam!).



As our Spanish tutor couldn’t make it we let the kids play for a bit, opting to take the worksheets that she had left home.  When everyone had gone we did the Spanish worksheets and investigated an online language website with view to topping up our Spanish.  Not 100% convinced by it but had a special offer that was too good to miss.

Bit of Minecrafting and then out for a family meal.

Thursday again began with Maths and English.  In Maths we were folding squares to show fractions.

20140169Which led to abandoning other plans in favour of origami – tug boat, sailing boat and icicle (which has gone in our season tray).

20140123_16 20140123_20 20140123_25Origami was abandoned in turn when a box of newspaper was delivered.

20140123_26When we eventually managed to unpack the games that were inside it we had time to play twice before an early lunch.

Ready to be picked up to go and watch a stage version of The Snowman (baby Sam LOVED the Snowman so we both have a soft spot for it) with friends.  It didn’t disappoint – lots of ‘Walking Through The Air’ (although all the kids pointed out the wires), dancing penguins and fruit and a finale that covered the audience in fake snow.

Home played more board games (well the same one again) inc with Jack who I haven’t forgotten about honest! Jack had Gang Show so Sam played on his Kindle while I snuggled down with pizza, wine and Call the Midwife (my guilty treat).  Sam came in right in the middle of a labour scene – he fled the room very quickly squealing ‘what is that?!’ 😀  Snuggles and stories to end the day.

Days don’t get much better than that!




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