Guided tour of our ‘Home Ed Room’

6 1/2 years after I started ‘officially’ home educating (and 9 years since we made the decision to go down this path) I finally have somewhere set aside to store resources and keep projects on the go.  Somewhere where I can shut the door on it all of an evening!

It certainly isn’t essential to have a designated area and we will no doubt continue to do the vast majority out of doors or under a blanket in front of the fire.  But I have somewhere to keep the masses of ‘stuff’!  It has taken me about 3 months since they started putting it in to get it sorted but I am very, very happy.

20140105_13In all it’s glory.  I even have my own blackboard!  Although have never been able to write neatly on them, as a student teacher I viewed them with a shudder, much prefer whiteboards.

20140105_7Space for posters and timeline.  Cupboard has space for models on top and games/resources inside.  And yes the Lego is in there too!

20140105_8Neatly sorted books and cupboards.

20140105_9Craft materials and junk modelling stuff accessible!

20140105_10Colouring things and drawers full of glue/scissors etc – all easily findable.

20140105_6Cool frog thermometer.

20140105_4New season display ready to start.

20140105_11‘Maths door’.  I’ll explain more another time.

Really rather chuffed with it if you can’t tell 😉

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