I Think I May Have Seen Some Sun!

Tuesday was one of those rare perfect home education days.  We definitely have a lot more good than bad days, but the odd one shines out.

We started as ever with Maths and English, the chopping and changing – lots of short activities are working well, variety definitely helping keep attention.

The rest of the morning was spent curled up on the sofa with books, atlas and a globe.  Reading more about prehistoric man for History.

Then for Geography looking at the fact that the world is round.  The ‘lesson’ in the book (Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography) was incredibly weak.  Basically the Earth is round, God understands why but it is very complicated so you won’t, and we’ll come back to it in two lessons???!

Hmm, this chatty approach and dismissiveness of children’s ability to understand winds me up with a number of American curriculums, Story of the World I am looking at you!  I know the approach is a different educational style to the UK where they introduce an idea and keep going back to it adding further information/awareness and I can see a lot of positives to that.  My issue is in the presentation of it, covering a subject to the level the child can follow/understand is fine, saying something is too complicated for them is insulting.  Needless to say the books are being used very, very loosely.

Back to Geography and having tossed the book aside in disgust, I concentrated on answering Sam’s questions on which countries have mountains.  We dug out the atlas and compared physical and political maps and strayed onto tectonic plates and the formation of mountains.

After lunch we jumped on the bus to Stanley Park to enjoy a rare afternoon of sunshine .  I’ve wanted to set up a ‘tree diary’ – choosing a tree and going back regularly to visit it and chart the seasons – for years but never quite got going and this time was no exception.  When asked to come and pick a tree, Sam explained it to a friend as ‘one of Mum’s crackpot schemes’.  Know when I’m beaten – left it in favour of letting him run around with friends and climb trees, sunny afternoons are too precious not to enjoy.  This is how we like our socialising, low key and relaxed.  And he actually climbed a tree!  Not more than a few foot but for him that is high!


20140158 20140156         20140154 20140159

20140151Back home we just had time for ‘Sketch Tuesday’ – something in a bottle – champagne in our case.


20140115_60Charcoal – and yes it was messy.

20140115_61Bath, tea, emotional meltdown to take the gloss off the day – didn’t want to go to Cubs, hadn’t all day (and often doesn’t and was the same with Beavers) but doesn’t want to give it up.  Tricky.  We ended up not going as he was to upset but element of delaying the problem.  Truth is we don’t mind if he goes or not but can’t have him dipping in and out as not fair to them and there are plenty keen for the place.  The old problem of children running around and shouting and giving him a headache!  Yet it is the games he likes…  Kids do like to test us.

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