Keeping things simmering along

After a terrific start to the new term, I felt a need to keep up momentum despite feeling totally exhausted (too much burning the candle at both ends combined with a few ciders).  Far too soon to come off the boil though!

We were also kind of thrown by the hail/heavy rain which meant working in the conservatory was deafening and freaked Sam out.  Could have been worse Jack was cross country running along Stoke’ s Bay and back through the park at the time (I was horrible and laughed). Sam and I retreated back into the living room where we finished off maths, making a birthday bar chart using some of his friends birthdays and did our first ‘vomiting penguin’ worksheet.


English and we tried our first narration exercise. Spelling was dictation, which although only short wasn’t easy. He got through it fine today but I expect it will cause tears at some point. We’ll see how valuable it is.  I was trying to get him to write it on handwriting paper with correctly formed letters though. One to think on.

After this we retreated further. Under a blanket in front of the fir in fact. We read some of a library book, Prehistoric People, chatted a little and watched the next episode of ‘The Incredible Human Journey’ (I may have dozed a little).

After lunch we looked at Sketch Tuesday, which had the fun element that you could drink what you drew, hot chocolate.

Attempt 1


Attempt 2 – following a quick lesson on perspective. The mug is narrower at the top than bottom so this is a very good attempt.


Then it was PE time. With neither of us fancying going out in was boxing on the Kinect, where I continue to get knocked down three times a round and lose every match. Sam played Kinect Adventures while I had a quick catch up chat with the friend who teaches our Spanish class and a look at resources.

We did another of our ‘planning’ for the New Year sheets.


Jack being home there were baths, homework and minecraft.

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