Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is a Hindu harvest festival celebrated on 14th January, it marks the passage of the sun into the Northern Hemisphere.

The festival is celebrated throughout South East Asia under various names and cultural guises.  In Gujarat they celebrate by flying beautifully coloured kites. In Punjab they light bonfires and burn sugarcane to celebrate Lohri.  In Southern India they celebrate Pongal for four days making offerings of cooked rice to the gods.

We focused on celebrating cows, linked in Hinduism to Mother Earth.

We made tissue paper flowers to decorate Marigold (my cardboard cow – after all everyone needs a giant cardboard cow!)


Then discussed the value of cows in milk provision, before ‘milking’ a rubber glove (thank you for Tammy for persevering with getting it to work).

20140134 20140131


We rounded off by making cucumber lassi (ours was simply grated cucumber, mint and yogurt  but can’t find the recipe now).

Then some energy burning playing football with the inflateable globe (that no longer inflates 😉 )



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