Making the best of things

Think the Christmas lurgy is back for a second bite, I feel absolutely drained.  Sam is not on form either, white as a sheet and a bit weepy.  It was a day to make the best of things.

Maths and English accomplished with very little fuss.  Then we got to the hard part of the day, deciding on plans. We had wanted to go over to a new group in Portsmouth but with us both under par it seemed a long way to go. Plus Sam has a tendency to ‘take against’ something and I had visions of him not enjoying it if he wasn’t in the right mood and then refusing to go back (been there too often).  Best to try again another week!

Once a decision was finally agreed on that we curled up and watched another episode of the Incredible Human Journey. Next decision was what to do about lunch since there was a woeful shortage of food.  In the end we walked down to the end of the road, picked up chips and walked down to the seafront to eat them, stopping for hot chocolate and cake, and a look in the fabric shop on the way home. A lovely way to use a hour or two.

At home we finally sent off the boys thank you letters (they wrote them over a week ago – it was mum failure).  Then played some Stratego.

Computer, tea, typing up a newspaper he is writing, bit of Amazon browsing and now curled up in bed with me and a couple of new kindle books.  Sore throat, woolly head and achy jelly legs aside, it is not a bad life.

Well poor Pete still has to go back out to pick up Jack so he might disagree.

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