One to write off

Not a day to chalk up as a huge success.  Not a disaster, not even bad, just not one that went to plan.

We started a bit later than I would have liked as I was on a bit of a go slow.  Sam got on with English while I did some planning of group stuff.  Because I was distracted maths never quite got done.

We were supposed to have the first session of our Geography/Creative Writing group but it was all a bit of a disaster.  Someone pulled out the night before, someone else had a household emergency, I couldn’t find the numbers to ring those who I was expecting to suggest we cancel this week but 30 mins after we should have started there was no sign of them so we gave up and started playing Mapominoes UK which took forever – needs more people/tweak to rules.  We were still playing 1/2 hr later when our strays phoned/showed up.

Not worth doing the sessions planned by that point so it was jigsaw (the excellent Geopuzzle) and coffee.

The negative part of me thinks hope this isn’t a portent of things to come.  In reality though I suspect we planned it all too quickly and people were more mentally ready to throw themselves back into routine than practically ready.  Write off first week and onwards and upwards.  Note still got my positive new year outlook going on!

Rest of the afternoon/evening disappeared in helping me with some work, Lego and a Horrible Histories marathon.  I also started compiling a shopping list for WW1 resources.

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