A day in the life!

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing amazing happened, we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, no special trips or anything like that.  But makes you think if this is humdrum life it really isn’t a bad life to have.

We started late as I was naughty and got distracted by yesterday’s blog post.  But Maths and English were done efficiently and together were wrapped up in comfortably under an hour.  Spanish practice using Petralingua, history – still reading our Prehistoric People book, Geography and read a lesson of Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography – discussed how we could see the curve of the Earth, led on to discussion of Ancient Greeks.  By then it was only 11.15 but we’d done enough absorbing of information I felt so we browsed the Natural History Museum website.  Have a vague plan to go on Friday but have had the same plan about once a week all year – weather and lethargy keep changing our mind – I don’t do booking ahead, I love London but we have to be in the right mood.  Unless it really is awful though suspect we will make it this week, this Prehistoric Peoples thing is just drifting and need to draw a line under it and move on, seeing the skulls in the NHM is my plan to draw it to a conclusion.

Well…we still will do some stuff on Prehistoric Britain, fancy a trip to the new visitor centre at Stonehenge, the Iron Age Museum at Andover and possibly Butser Farm (well definitely fancy the trip the getting there part is tricky though!).  Notice the big difference between myself and car drivers, London is a wake up on the day, fancy it and go trip to me – simply go to station and get on a train, 1/2 hr or so drive away but down country lanes is a major trip that needs lots of research and planning and possibly roping in Grandfathers to come from Wales!

We then got out Sam’s Young Archaeologist Club stuff for a look to see where we got discount entry and plan a few more places we’d like to visit.  Realised we’d not really looked at the magazines so spent the rest of the morning reading them and doing the puzzles.

After lunch it was down to the village for a nurse visit.  Cue embarrassing moment with some lip reading and vigorous head shaking when she had to ask if I might need a test for Chlamydia (was a pill check up), sometimes always having a child in tow is a bit awkward! 😀

We then went down to the park where we met a family researching home ed for their 3yo and another family who are long term home eders but new to area.  Lovely afternoon, kids played nicely, adults chatted and froze!  It is one of the things I love about home ed meeting new people. I always try and make time to meet anyone who wants to who sounds new and scared.  I was reminded a couple of days ago of an earlier blog post where I had said we need to remember we’re not home ed volunteers and we have to put our own kids first.  Not changed my mind on that and the reminder was timely, but I do think it is important to reach out when people are new and scared, home ed is so often a leap into the unknown.  I never tell anyone my way is the right way, because I firmly believe there is no right way there is what is right for that child at a particular time.   And we have gained many pleasant afternoons and friends from these ‘blind dates’ so everyone wins 🙂

Home and tea and a cold, wet, windy hike over the Alver Valley with Cubs (I gave it a miss 😉 )


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