Blood and pus

By Friday last week my fit of the blues had been joined by a disgusting snotty cold courtesy of oldest child.  Could have been an awful day but it was saved by a small Superdrug bag I have been keeping aside for such an occasion.

For weeks my Facebook feed has heavily featured photos of greviously wounded Brownies and Guiders.  It is one of the challenges for the Big Brownie Birthday badge to make fake wounds and show how to treat them.  Decided that before attempting with Guides a trial run was in order 😀  Have I ever mentioned I love Guiding 😉  A wet, miserable Friday seemed perfect.

Despite the fake skin getting off to a bad start the wounds worked well.

20140214_14  20140214_26

20140214_28  20140214_30

So did the bruises although isn’t clear from photo that he has a big black eye.


And the burn looks like someone vomited on me 🙁


Sam then spent the afternoon reading about first aid and watching videos on basic procedures on the brilliant Red Cross Education website .  I tested him afterwards and now have a big bruise on the shoulder blade when he demonstrated what he would do if I was choking – beat me up it seems!

Rest of the week had passed peacefully enough, lots of Percy Jackson, a jigsaw and a look at British landmarks

20140214_3Skiing and beach volleyball on the Kinect, baking and when the sun briefly showed it’s face a trip to the park, where it hailed on us!



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