Half Term

Despite home educating we have always been affected by the rhythms of the school terms.  When the boys were younger it generally just meant I got to chill of an evening rather than Guides/Beavers/Cubs/Drama etc, and we’d take opportunities to do some of the activities museums/libraries etc lay on.  As Jack got old enough to go out to play it got harder to follow anything near normal routines as we’d be constantly interrupted by small boys knocking on the door.  Then Jack went to school and our lives have settled into a routine dominated by school terms.  Actually as we get more structured with age I find we benefit from the break.

I use the word break loosely as I haven’t stopped all week, running errands, sorting Guiding paperwork, home ed stuff, tidying house…  But it means these jobs are done (well apart from tidying house, that is a never ending job) and next week we are back to routines.

Not sure where the week has gone though.

Monday, was a chill and Minecraft day – a lot of Minecraft.

Tuesday we went to catch the Egyptian exhibition at Portsmouth museum.  Think we were all a bit underwealmed but we’ve done British Museum, Ashmolean etc mummies are nothing new.  That said they had done the hands on aspect of the exhibition really well.  We also managed to catch up with friends there which was very good as we only decided to go 20 mins before the bus was due, find Facebook irritating at times but is fab for arranging to meet people.

002 003  We followed up with lunch at Gunwharf and a big splurge on clothes in Gap – massive overnight growth spurt has occurred.  Sam used to be incredibly fussy on clothes, they had to be soft to touch inside and out and plain or striped.  He is better now but still sensitive to the feel of trousers in particular.  Over the years I have discovered that Gap is my best bet.  I’m better off spending more on stuff he will definitely wear, and actually I bought 3 pairs of trousers, a hoodie, a really nice knitted cardigan, and  8 tops (Jack got in on the act too) and had change from £90.  When I dig out what I put away from Jack I suspect they are both done for the year.

Weds we had friends around for the morning and the Jack went to the cinema with some school friends.

Thurs was an chores day, collecting prescriptions, guides accounts, homework.  Jack made me tea following a recipe made up by the scouts! The Gang Show and a friend to sleepover.

Today no one dressed until lunch and I spent most of the afternoon sorting and shredding paperwork and making plans while boys took themselves to the park.  Guiders meeting tonight and now bed!

A busy, productive if not especially exciting week.

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