Rediscovering my mojo.

Said all I needed was a week or so’s hibernation to shake off the grumps and I was right.  Life is too good to stay miserable for long.  Been a good week, make yourself a coffee this is a long one!

Monday started with a coffee morning to meet and introduce new home educators. Hopefully everyone went away a little happier that there are others out there.  Love chatting with new people my only problem at events like that is the time, I just don’t have time to relax and chat as much as I would like.  But hopefully newer members had the chance to start making friends and arranging times to play, it really would be nice to see more activities for younger children this side of the harbour.  Followed up with a visit to look at a potential new hall. Didn’t like it and undecided on what, if anything I am prepared to put my time into running anyway … musing.

Tuesday was a day at home, English and Maths, which was nice and bright and colourful.


Then I finally got around to registering for the Nature Detectives weekly challenge so some time was spent in the garden digging, was supposed to be making mudpies but a hole was deemed more fun.  My neighbours were subjected in the course of about 30 seconds to the Harpie in the house behind screaming (and I mean screaming!) at her toddler to get off the mud and Sam bellowing “I can get as muddy as I want? EPIC!”.  Had to laugh 😀

20140225_6While he was getting messy outdoors, I was getting messy indoors making ‘mud’ from sand and coffee for my geography group to ‘excavate’.

20140225_8Stuck Sam in the bath after while I read him some Percy Jackson (up to book 3).

Then it was History over lunch – watching Andrew Marr’s Making of Modern Britain.

After lunch we finally started our nature diary having spotted blossom on the tree opposite, watch this space on whether we keep it up!



Some science and sorting into solids, liquids and gases.  I cheated and bought a set of photos and boards.  Not generally a fan of stuff like this as could do it so easily myself but worked out by the time I’d found the images etc it was better value to buy and spend the time I could have spent making it working!


Oh and we rounded off the afternoon with Sketch Tuesday – something beginning with L – so a lamb.

20140225_9Then having been emailed photos of some very little puppies there was some time looking at random photos of baby animals before Cubs.


Wednesday was Maths, English and then some reading from Country Tales  (can’t recommend the series enough as a way of learning about nature) having been inspired by Beatrix Potter featuring in his copywork/narration this week he wanted to read about talking animals.   We were then joined by friends for Geography and then lunch and a play.

After lunch and rounding up the children it was on to creative writing.  We moved on from the alphabet poems to alliteration and tongue twisters.  We had some fun saying tongue twisters and then wrote our own.  The idea was we took one of their names, what they were doing, where, when and why and made them into tongue twisters.  Much excitement with the results

Michael marches merrily to the moor on Monday morning to make a mess.

Sam steals six swords from Sweden on Saturday and stabs Saxons.

Chandler chomps chocolate at the church on Tuesday while chasing a chimpanzee (impressed with the Tuesday suggestion!)

Amelia’s amazing acrobatics astonish America in autumn with her awesome aerobatic antics.

Tutor then arrived for Spanish, while Mums get coffee and chance to chat.  Took a while to get everyone out as they all know where the toys are now and off they all go as soon as Spanish finishes 😉 Not complaining they are quite a mixed bunch in age/interest so lovely to see them playing nicely, happy and relaxed.

Thursday was Maths and English as usual before we turned attention to the highlight of the week The Lego Movie.  We used resources from here to look at characters in the film, discuss heroes and villains (mainly in relation to Percy Jackson 🙂 ) and then designed his own character.

20140228_15Then it was into Gosport to run a couple of errands before heading to Gunwharf to meet friends for lunch and the cinema, which we almost had to ourselves.  Learned my lesson though 3D = headache!

20140231   20140232

Home for an evening of board games.  Where I was very soundly thrashed all round.

Another day at home today.  Think I have a bit of a cold brewing so not on full throttle but reasonable day. Maths and we’re starting to dabble in times tables.  Obviously when we were using UK based stuff we introduced them ages ago but although he got the concept his memory is not the best and despite a lot of repetition he was struggling.  They were a major reason for shifting to Saxon. I didn’t feel we could more on until his grasp was better but the constant repetition was frustrating me and eroding his confidence.  In my experience US based Maths stuff is better than the UK, they may do things later but seems to make it easier for them to grasp.

English and then more Lego stuff.  Designing a ‘setting’, drawing a map, writing a diary entry describing it and starting building it.

20140228_28 20140228_26

Rest of the day went with investigating changes in states of matter (heating ice!),

20140228_18 20140228_20 20140228_25

dodging the rain/hail to catch a burst of sun for some swinging and cloud watching,

20140238 20140237

reading, ironing, survivalcraft etc.

One of those weeks where we got it right 🙂


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