Suffolk – Smashing Saxons

My Geography group reached Suffolk this week.

We followed the route and read the passage from the book, finding the places on the map.  The passage focused on the Saxons – Bury St Edmonds and Sutton Hoo so so did we.

We started off with illuminated letters inspired by the manuscripts of the time, I had printed some to colour but some (inc Sam) opted to draw their own.

20140228_16We then excavated Saxon Ship burials like that at Sutto Hoo.  The idea came from here, I cracked and downloaded the pack, we’re not worksheet people but these I like and think we will use at some point.

I’d made mud from coffee and sand, shaped into a ship and left in the airing cupboard for 24hrs.


Filled with treasure (gems) and then buried in sand to create the burial mound.

20140228_11And then they used paintbrushes to gently uncover the treasure, with discussions of why the ship wouldn’t have been found.

20140228_12Well maybe not exactly gently 😉  Then there was lots of reburying and uncovering again until the hard mud was smashed to smithereens and there was sand everywhere and children were plastered, all good fun never object to that sort of mess 🙂


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