7 days a week!

Sometimes we only realise how much we do, when we don’t do it.

Was feeling rough over the weekend, not massively but enough to down tools and sit and sew.

But unfortunately…

Uniforms don’t iron themselves,

Work for Sam doesn’t appear nicely prepared in folders,

Nobody else messages my Guides with reminders about subs and tying back their hair to avoid setting it on fire,

Lion crafts do not finish themselves and appear nicely photographed on the website,

And as for meerkats they still sit stubbornly on my to do list,

Bathrooms do not self clean,

Laundry doesn’t do itself,

Dust doesn’t vanish,

Hoovers aren’t magic,

Boys don’t tidy bedrooms unless you remind them…

It was already going to be a busy day as the only home (well if you ignore library/Guides) one all week.  Still feel like I have a hangover (cold – hangover would be nicer means I’d have had fun getting it) and someone has kicked me in the kidneys.  And the boys are squabbling, they hardly ever fight but man do they know how to pick their moments!

One day off and going to be playing catch up for days.  Grumble, grumble…

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