Bugs, Books, Busyness and Birthdays

Unfortunately not talking the fun sort of bugs that seem to be popping up on my Facebook feed, talking colds and coughs 🙁

Despite them been a busy weekend.

Thursday, we met his best friend in the park for an hour or so, before we retreated for hot drinks (was nippy!).

Then I took the boys to a workshop on camera obscuras at Cumberland House, Portsmouth.  Despite having some doubts about leaving the house (think feeling poorly) Sam really enjoyed it and is still talking about it four days later so had to be good.

On the way home we picked up a box set of Horrible Science books.  He has been reading the History and Geography versions for years but has always said the Science was too nasty.  In an attempt to add some oomph into our science learning I persuaded him to give them a go and he took about 8 out of the library, they were a hit as expected so we bought the box of 20.

Friday was sick day!  Jack was off school and Sam and I were both decidedly under par too.  We all curled up and read in my bed until lunch time when we got up and spent the afternoon in front of Percy Jackson.

Saturday was peaceful, Jack was away staying at a friend’s so it was a morning for running errands, a sport and sewing afternoon and lots of reading with Sam in the evening.

Sunday, passed in bit of a blur. Work, household chores, bit of work with Sam to allow for a busy week filled the day. Jack passed through late morning to change and collect food before heading out again for Gang Show rehearsal.

Monday was a friend of Sam’s birthday so it was an early start to get maths and English done before heading out for some jobs for Guides and to meet friends at a local soft play.  Lovely morning.  Afternoon went in various attempts at the Guide activity for that night …luckily it was all alright on the night 😉

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