Cambridgeshire and Onomatopoeia

Geography group moves on to Cambridgeshire, home of RAF Duxford, one on the first RAF bases in Britain.  So with the sun shining we made paper aeroplanes using some of the designs from this site

…then the kids all wandered off for 10 minutes while the adults got increasingly frustrated over some of the more complicated models ;)…

…then it was down to the park to test them.  Some worked really well 🙂

Gosport-20140312-01141  Gosport-20140312-01140

After a play in the park and lunch it was English and a look at onomatopoeia.

We brainstormed some examples and then had a go at drawing word pictures inspired by some of the words.

20140312_3Then Spanish and time to play, lovely day 🙂


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