Filling in the gaps

Last week sort of limped along really after the productivity of the week before.  I was struggling with bad stomach/back cramps and associated nausea and headaches for much of it.  We managed the essentials happily enough but everything else felt a struggle.

We did manage a fair amount of playing outdoors as the sun came out.



This is Sam’s effort from our writing group, more tongue twisters this time animal themed (the dolphin is fighting Kronos!).

002We spent an afternoon painting pottery

021 024He ALWAYS closes his eyes for photos!!!

Friday was a trip to Titchfield Haven for beachcombing, pond dipping and birdwatching.  Unfortunately I was really, really struggling with headache and nausea so gave up at lunch and left Sam there for a friend to bring back and walked home, took well over an hour but was all along the seafront and probably did more good than swallowing a tablet.



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