I can’t think of a polite title for this one…

…couple of puns come to mind but as I don’t use bad language (unless something really, really, really hurts or I am very, very, very annoyed) that is where they shall remain.

We had friends over on Monday for some early Science week fun.

We started with mechanical hands.


We followed the basic plan from here but simplified somewhat.  We used plastic straws taped into place for the bones and had 3 individual pieces for each finger, trimmed into points at each end so they didn’t catch as the fingers bent.

20140310_8We then looked at digestion

We started by mushing up food with a bit of washing liquid (saliva) to represent chewing.

20140311The food then travelled to the stomach where it was mixed with acid (vinegar) and churned.

20140310_3It then got squeezed through the intestines (pair of tights)

20140312And out

Gosport-20140310-01134Then I went to Guides and we made chocolate cow pats (chocolate, shredded wheat, marshmallows, raisins).

20140316I love grossing kids out 😀

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