St Patrick’s Day and Chemical Reactions

Not really connected but we had two ‘special days’ to look at this Monday.

St Patrick’s Day shaped our food choices for the day.

We made barm brack

20140318_21and supper was Beef in Guinness with soda bread and pink lemonade.

We are also ‘celebrating’ National Science Week in our usual way – making a mess 😉

Mentos in fizzy drinks

20140318_2 20140318_3 20140318_4 20140318_5

Elephant’s toothpaste

20140318_11 20140318_12

Volcano (and making a lovely sludgy mess afterwards)

20140318_14 20140318_19

And slime.


We then had Jack’s first senior school parents evening.  Lot of waffle about levels, I find it hard to care about them, actually impossible!  But general gist is he is doing well and behaving so that is okay.  And his English teacher loves him 🙂

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